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A rustic West Coast wedding at Dolphins Resort. Campbell River, Vancouver Island.
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Dolphins Resort Wedding Photography Vancouver Island Jon Thorpe

Dolphins Resort Wedding – Campbell River

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of photographing my first Vancouver Island wedding at the Dolphins Resort, located just outside of Campbell River, BC. I have been calling Vancouver Island home for a few months now and have been anticipating this wedding since the day I received the inquiry from Charlene & Dan.


While it’s always fun to shoot in a new environment, especially one that is loaded with charm and West Coast character, It really was this amazing couple that made the day a real treat! Oh, and we can’t forget their super cute ring bearer / dog, Pilgrim, who was an integral part of the wedding (and all their bridal photos) too.


Even though the weather was forecast to pound the coast all weekend (many jokes have been associated with this storm), luck happened to be on our side, with a clearing trend through the day which lead to some beautiful photos of the couple on the grounds of Dolphins Resort. It really is an absolutely lovely venue, with cozy cabins, a beautiful main lodge and expansive views of Discovery Passage, where you may be lucky enough to see passing whales during your wedding – as we did!


Also a big shout to my good friend (and amazing photographer) Keri Knapp for not only introducing me to this great couple, but also for lending a helping hand on the big day!


I am looking forward to many more Vancouver Island weddings and hope that you enjoy these photos!



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