A New Home for my Wedding Photography in Nanaimo! | Professional Event Photography Services in Vancouver BC
Jon Thorpe is a Vancouver Island wedding photographer now living in Nanaimo British Columbia and is available to photograph weddings and events throughout the Vancouver Island region.
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A New Home for my Wedding Photography in Nanaimo!

Not only do I have a brand new website up and running, but I also have a brand new home as a wedding photographer in Nanaimo, BC!


After working as a creative photographer in Toronto for almost a decade, spending 6 months traveling the South West in a VW Bus (read more about that on my website www.sojournfocus.com) and semi-settling in Vancouver for a couple of years, I have made the push even further West – crossing the Strait of Georgia and landing in The Harbor City of Nanaimo!


When not out shooting weddings, I can often be found either editing away at The Buzz Coffee House or on a mountain bike adventure somewhere around the city with the local club. When not in Nanaimo, I’m usually out exploring one of the Island’s great mountains or hiking on a trail with our semi-famous dog Trilby.


I’m really looking forward to living in and being a contributing part of Nanaimo as well as continuing my wedding photography business here on beautiful Vancouver Island!


If you are looking for a Vancouver Island wedding photographer, be sure to contact me. I am currently available for wedding photography and other commissions for both the 2015 (limited) and 2016 season.


vancouver island wedding photographer in Nanaimo BC

Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer Jon Thorpe




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