Westwood Lake Walk in the Woods | Professional Event Photography Services in Vancouver BC
A visit by Graham Powell of Jan Arden's band in Nanaimo, BC's Westwood Lake & Buzz Coffee House.
Nanaimo, BC, Graham Powell, Buzz Coffee, Westwood Lake, Portraits, GIF, Animation, Fuji X-Pro1
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Westwood Lake Walk in the Woods

The last time I saw Graham, it was in a Tim Horton’s off the Trans Canada, somewhere between Thunder Bay and the Manitoba border. He was traveling East from Saskatchewan to Toronto, with his vintage Boler trailer in tow, while I was headed West to Vancouver with all of my worldly possessions packed into a decidedly overloaded Honda Fit (note : Fits fit a lot!).


It has been a few years since that early morning coffee, so when I received a text from Graham mentioning that he would be in Nanaimo while playing with Jan Arden (he’s also an amazing Musician) and would have a few moments to escape, I recommended that we catch up over a brew at Buzz Coffee House and then take him for a little tour of Westwood Lake. Of course, with us both being photographers (and Fuji x-pro nerds) there had to be a few portraits taken along the way!


I have also been having a lot of fun with GIF Animations lately. Here is a fun little one (you need to work on that jump for next timeG!).

Great seeing you friend!






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